Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from a commissary kitchen?

No shared equipment.

We have 13 private kitchens, which means your own space and appliances.

No hourly rentals.

Your own, private kitchen means no fighting over equipment and hourly rentals.


Everything you need to operate within your space including major appliances.

Why choose Club Kitchen over a traditional restaurant?

Minimized risks.

With a revenue share pricing structure and shared overhead costs, we share the risks together.

Lower start-up cost.

With a one-time start-up fee starting at $50k, Club Kitchen takes care of construction and equipment.

Shared operating costs.

With 13 kitchens in one space, you only pay a fraction of the cost for things like marketing, janitorial services, maintenance, insurance, and much more.

Minimal staffing.

Ease labour shortage pains and operate with minimal staff while the Club Kitchen concierge team handles all front-of-house operations.

What are the communal spaces/areas?

Concierge area

Pick-up area

Washrooms, corridors, mop sinks, ice machines

Who is this for?

Existing restaurants looking to grow

Restaurants looking for a downtown location, without the downtown price

Restaurants who want to expand their delivery and take-out business without affecting their dine-in experience

How does it work?

Club Kitchen provides you with a fully functional turn-key kitchen space outfitted with major appliances and the technology to receive orders on a single tablet. You do what you do best and worry about cooking great food. Our FOH team will handle all of the logistics and order hand-off procedures.

What if I want to bring my own specialized equipment?

Our kitchens are designed with flexible areas purpose built so that equipment is easily interchangeable. If you wish to bring your own specialized equipment just let us know. All costs associated with install and upkeep of customized equipment will be the responsibility of the member.

What benefits to Club Kitchen Members enjoy?

By working with our industry partners and combining the purchasing power of multiple operations under a single roof, Club Kitchen has negotiated preferred pricing for services like 3rd Party Delivery Commission Fees, Sysco and GFS specialty pricing programs, Purchase Rebate Programs, Janitorial, Waste Removal, Smallwares Packages from Russel Hendrix, Repair & Maintenance programs, and more. By working together Club Kitchen can offer significantly lower operating costs to our individual members.

How will my customers find me?

We encourage all of our members to work with our partners Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, and DoorDash to reach as many new customers as possible. We will also have a direct ordering link to each of our members ordering platforms embedded within our Club Kitchen website, which we will be actively marketing on your behalf.

What are Shared Operating Costs?

Shared operating costs are the costs incurred for operating the Club Kitchen space. These costs would typically be billed directly to you in a brick and mortar location. Because we are able to split these costs across multiple brands there is significant savings in overhead. This includes janitorial, operating systems, facilities management, waste removal, R&M, FOH staff, and more. Each kitchen unit is individually metered for utilities and will be billed back their share of usage on a monthly basis.

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