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Automate your operations and see profits faster. Club Kitchen is here to help you launch and grow your business so you can focus on cooking.

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We’ve got you covered

Club Kitchen's in-house concierge team is here to assist with your order management and fulfillment. Run with a smaller back-of-house team and save on labour costs - we'll handle all the front-of-house operations like food hand-offs, building services & maintenance, as well as group sourcing and procurement opportunities so you can focus on cooking and scaling your business.

Come join the club

In addition to providing a premier address with plenty of walk-in traffic, Club Kitchen has partnered with top food-delivery service providers like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes. This means access to over 100,000 potential customers within a 3km delivery radius, ensuring fresher food and lower delivery costs thanks to reduced travel time.

Club Kitchen has also partnered with industry-leading service providers like Sysco, Gordon Food Service, Foodbuy Canada, and more to offer preferred pricing and cost savings to help lower your operating expenses.

cost comparison
cost comparison

Efficient order management

Manage delivery orders from multiple platforms with a single, centralized tablet. Through our strategic partnerships, Club Kitchen provides operators with cutting-edge POS technology while allowing you to save significantly on monthly costs. You'll be in complete control of your data including payment solutions, order tracking & more.

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We’d love to tell you more about what Club Kitchen can offer your growing business. Get in touch with us today for inquiries about pricing, getting started, or anything else you might be curious about.


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