Open a downtown restaurant for less

We're here to empower restaurant owners like you through minimized risks and efficient turnkey kitchens, all while maximizing your profits.


Minimized Risks + Fees

Save on shared operating costs and run with fewer staff.

Maximized Profits

Take advantage of preferred distributor pricing.

Our Location

Reach 100,000+ customers within 3km.

Minimized Risks + Fees

Launch starting at $50k

With a one-time start up fee and shared operating costs, Club Kitchen takes care of construction, equipment, and front-of-house labour costs to make it easier to grow and expand your business.

Rethink rent

Through revenue share, we’ve taken a new approach to rent. With the Club Kitchen model and shared risks and overhead costs, you will be paying less monthly fees than you would when compared to restaurant alternatives while making the same amount of profit.

Minimal staff

Ease labour shortage pains and operate with minimal staff with the help of the Club Kitchen concierge team, helping handle all front-of-house operations including hand-offs, logistics, order fulfilment, and more.

Get exclusive savings

With 13 kitchens in one space, we leverage the buying power of all 13 restaurants to get you exclusive enterprise savings and pricing with our partners like Sysco, GFS, Foodbuy, and many more.

Maximize Profits

Reach more customers

Club Kitchen is located in a highly dense urban area to ensure exponential growth for your brand and potential customer list. Situated at The ARC, you can reach 100,000+ customers within a 3km radius.

Sharing is caring

With 13 kitchens in one space, you only have to pay a fraction of the cost for things that normally add up – like marketing, janitorial services, maintenance, insurance, administrative costs, and much more.

cost comparison

Our Location

Club Kitchen is conveniently located in a high-density urban centre, giving you access to over 100,000 potential customers within a 10 minute delivery radius.

Situated in Vancouver’s vibrant Yaletown neighbourhood, Club Kitchen’s ideal setting in a bustling downtown core enables you to capture both foot traffic and a vast network of customers who frequent Yaletown for work, life, and play. This means exponential growth for your brand and potential customer list.


potential customers within a 3km delivery radius

10 min.

walking distance from BC Place, Rogers Arena, Yaletown & more

Lower fees

through strategic locations

Not a commissary kitchen

ultra efficient kitchens

Fully-equipped kitchens

Everything you need in a kitchen. Our kitchens are move-in ready for you and fully equipped with all major appliances so you can get started and focus on cooking right away.

fresher food

Leverage pick-up & delivery orders

Our prime location makes it ideal for both pick-up and delivery orders through our self-serve kiosks and concierge team.

purpose built

Lower commission fees

All customers will be able to order on the Club Kitchen website, therefore lowering commission fees.

Helping you achieve maximum efficiency

One tablet lets you manage all your orders with a built-in operating system, payment solutions, and order tracking so you can streamline your behind-the-scenes operations. Our on-site concierge team is there to make sure food goes out efficiently and accurately, every time.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from a commissary kitchen?

No shared equipment.

We have 13 private kitchens, which means your own space and appliances.

No hourly rentals.

Your own, private kitchen means no fighting over equipment and hourly rentals.


Everything you need to operate within your space including major appliances.

Why choose Club Kitchen over a traditional restaurant?

Minimized risks.

With a revenue share pricing structure and shared overhead costs, we share the risks together.

Lower start-up cost.

With a one-time start-up fee starting at $50k, Club Kitchen takes care of construction and equipment.

Shared operating costs.

With 13 kitchens in one space, you only pay a fraction of the cost for things like marketing, janitorial services, maintenance, insurance, and much more.

Minimal staffing.

Ease labour shortage pains and operate with minimal staff while the Club Kitchen concierge team handles all front-of-house operations.

What are the communal spaces/areas?

Concierge area

Pick-up area

Washrooms, corridors, mop sinks, ice machines

Who is this for?

Existing restaurants looking to grow

Restaurants looking for a downtown location, without the downtown price

Restaurants who want to expand their delivery and take-out business without affecting their dine-in experience

Have any more questions? Please visit our FAQ page.

Ready to get started?

We’d love to tell you more about what Club Kitchen can offer your growing business. Get in touch with us today for inquiries about pricing, getting started, or anything else you might be curious about.


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